Lauren London fans are amazed at the strength it shows in the announcement of viral Puma that honors Nipsey Hussle


Lauren London managed to honor the love of her life, Nipsey Hussle, in a Puma ad that quickly became viral online. In the clip, she also shows the beautiful tattoo of the last rapper that was put on his arm just after his death, earlier this year.

If you did not have the opportunity to watch the video, check it out below because it is extremely emotional and moving:

Fans and followers flooded the comments section with praise for Lauren, and made sure to send her all her love and her kindest thoughts.

A fan commented: profundo So deep, so aware of a truth seeker !!!! Wow, I'm so amazed. 💙 ’

Another follower also shared his thoughts and said: ‘Imagine riding in dumped places and seeing your other face painted everywhere, but you can't see or touch your face in real life. 😍🥴😢 ’

Another follower said: "Damn it, everyone looks so hurt / sad that I remember seeing Nipsey's documentaries and things like that, his whole team would be smiling and so happy."

Somoene more praised Lauren: "It's strange to see her without him, it's so strong!"

A fan wrote this: ‘This comes home when you lose a loved one. 💛 I have been in a similar situation. Praying for his peace and strength. God bless you, Lauren. #Love 😘 ’

One person published: "the body hurts, but the spirit grows," and another follower said: "I pray that I never have to learn strength through the death of a loved one, praying for this woman every day." 😓🙏🏽 ’


Let's keep Lauren and all of Nipsey's loved ones in prayer.

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