Keyshia Cole had an expected reaction to O.T. Genasis is remixing their song: 50 Cent and Tyrese share their thoughts on the drama


Although O.T. Genasis managed to impress with his recent remix of the "Love,quot; of Keyshia Cole, who gathered a lot of traffic on social networks and other platforms, it seems that at least one person, in particular, was hardly impressed by his work.

Specifically, Cole herself has expressed her dissatisfaction with the track, claiming she expected more from O.T. Genasis, and hit it in a subtle and not so subtle way.

However, everything seems to be reduced to Cole's ego, as it seems that she disliked the comments that implied that Genasis' work was better than his.

Some fans declared that they could not hear "Love,quot; in the same way again, while others pointed out that the new song was fun and should be taken in a cheerful way, even if the rapper sounds terrible.

All in all, the remix has won a surprising amount of comments considering its general popularity, and it is not hard to believe that this has bothered Cole.

Meanwhile, many fans have continued to express their support for O.T. Genasis and has been actively praising his work.

Some have even been sharing their own suggestions for their next possible topics, although it is clear that he has his own opinion on this way and does not plan to hear those suggestions in the short term.

What is probably the best, because it has made it clear that it has what it takes to forge its own path in the world of entertainment, despite being relatively new throughout the game.

Tyrese commented on the matter saying: "I have been replaced as the protagonist in this video … Dam."

A second person declared: "This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life. If this does not win a Grammy, I will gladly renounce humanity. Thank you very much, Mr. OT, for the angelic voices. God has really made you blessed with extreme talent. "

50 Cent shared his thoughts on the song: "Ok, if you want me in your club, you have to play this
😠 "

This follower replied: “Why are you angry? I hate people who ruin something funny. I'm sure that man also got you some transmissions. 🙄💯 "

Another social media user said: “Keyshia just remixes it with him and gets a damn bag end️ ​​end the year laughing with us. 🤣😂 "


The prakster hurt to get Cole's attention.

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