Kenya Moore is the ambassador for Baby Quest Scholarships: she is helping families have miraculous babies, just as she did


Kenya Moore said a while ago that she wants to help families have babies if they fight infertility. She is doing something in this direction, and became the ambassador for Baby Quest Grants.

She has just shared a post on her social media account in which she tells her fans and followers how they can help too. Check it out below.

Ba @babyquestgrants is the miracle that many families need to have their miraculous babies. Not everyone can pay between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000 for IVF, substitutes, egg collection, etc. As ambassador, I personally sponsor a lucky family, two, God willing. Please help me to help other families, "Kenya began the caption.

In a nutshell, it costs a LOT of money to fight infertility, and health insurance in the United States does not pay for assisted reproduction. Please help today. This is a non-profit organization that any amount will help. #givingtuesday #babyquestgrants #ivf #miraclebaby Go to @babyquestgrants now to donate. "Kenya captioned its publication.

Someone said: Tenía I had this problem, but my husband and I decided to adopt! There are too many children in the system who need a home .❤️ ’

Another follower said: "My husband and I want such a bad baby, but there is no way we can pay for IVF and, at our age, no doctor would allow it, I'm sure." Blessings to all the families that try! "

Someone else posted: ‘I am in the UK and I have had icsi due to our fertility problems. What a fantastic thing for you to do. There is a real taboo about discussing the issue as if it were bad. Brooklyn is beautiful and perfect! ❤️ ’

One commenter wrote: ‘Amen! This is great! My wife and I did IUI and we just did an interview on this same topic on the market radio "this is awkward,quot;. Check it out. & # 39;

Kenya made headlines the other day when it also praised other queens.


She got excited about all the women of color who were able to win the most important and famous beauty pageants in the world.

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