Kendall Jenner was told to take off his shirt the first time he walked down the track


Kendall Jenner and Tracee Ellis Ross were in the Late Late Show with James Corden, only Harry Styles was the host. Tracee and Kendall were discussing the modeling industry and Tracee revealed that she was a model in the past and participated in some of the most important shows. I was talking to Naomi Campbell about one of her first modeling jobs where they wanted her to expose her breasts. Tracee was very aware of the performance and was horrified by what her mother, Diana Ross, would think. Kendall intervened with some of his own modeling stories and explained that as soon as he turned 18 and bridged the gap between commercial print ads and photo shoots to model on the track, he was told to take off his shirt.

The first photos of Kendall Jenner modeling on the track have her in a transparent blouse with exposed breasts.

Kendall Jenner said the following: “My breasts came out first as I did before. I had just turned 18 and they told me: "take off your shirt."

The disclosure has sparked conversations regarding the modeling industry and what is and is not appropriate behavior. The modeling industry has been under fire for years with respect to the pressure they exert on the models to make them thin. Many agencies are trying to change things and are more inclusive for women of various sizes, but do we need to do more? Does the modeling industry need to reexamine what is acceptable in regards to nudity?

You can watch the video where the conversation between Tracee Ellis Ross and Kendall Jenner took place in the following video player.

Kendall Jenner has made a successful career as a model after becoming a family name with her family's reality series. Keep up with the Kardashian.

Tracee conveyed some advice that Naomi Cambell gave her, saying that if you want to be a model, you use what they want you to use.

Apparently, that means you don't use what they want you to use either.

What do you think about the fashion industry and 18-year-olds pressured to show their bodies? Do you think that is just the nature of the business or do you think young women are being pressured to do things they shouldn't do?


Were you surprised how normal Kendall was with all this as it seemed that this was normal behavior for the modeling industry? Do you think that should change?

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