Iggy Azalea is pregnant, and some critics are not happy because she is having a baby with Playboi Carti for this messy reason


Recent information suggests that Iggy Azalea may be only three months away from becoming a mother for the first time, since it is believed that she is expecting a baby from rapper Playboi Carti.

For the moment, the alleged future parents have chosen to remain secret about their private affairs and have not confirmed the pregnancy themselves.

Supposedly, news of the next child began to appear from a source close to the couple recently.

The romance between Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti began after the two met in 2018, and shortly thereafter, they began living together in Atlanta.

At some point later, fans of the two celebrities even believed they had decided to move their relationship to the next level and got married because the Australian rapper was seen with a diamond ring in his hand when he participated in "The X Change Rate." "

At that time, the hip-hop star was asked if at the moment he had no partner, and she responded by showing her ring and saying, "No, I am not; I am not."

Carti has also commented on his relationship with Iggy in the past when he once said about his first meeting that once he started talking to her, he simply interrupted everyone else.

In addition to waiting for her first child, Azalea has been active in her professional life during the year. In July, the famous rapper released her second studio album. In my defense, and in December, the fifth extended play of the star Evil lips I was officially out.

A fan of the couple said this: "My God, they will be so cute. The less problematic celebrity couple. This explains that WLR was postponed."

Another supporter revealed: "Yes, all babies! Congratulations!" Nicki M is next for sho ❤️😍Well, he also wants to get pregnant. Raise those hands 😂😂😂 well, congratulations.

A critic criticized the woman: "He really gave this vulture culture a black baby."

This Instagram installer defended the diva's choice of being in an interracial romance and having a biracial baby: "Why are you stressed by someone else's son? Live your life, stop letting people's skin change way you live your daily life until you get all the problems. "


Azalea is living her best life, criticism is not affecting her, at least publicly.

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