Gal Gadot uses Givenchy for CCXP 19 in Sao Paulo – Watch the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer


The official Wonder Woman 1984 The trailer is here and Gal Gadot presented his presentation at CCXP 19 in São Paulo, Brazil. The 34-year-old actress and mother of two children surprised with a vivid red and orange Givenchy dress along with Stuart Weitzman's red heels. She looked beautiful on the Wonder Woman 1984 panel and fans were delighted to see her on the platform when she made her big debut. The sequel will be released on June 5, 2020 and is expected to be a great success.

Gal always makes a statement and stood out on the panel with the bold color choice. Red was the color of the day and Gal even chose a bold red lip to complete her makeup. Elizabeth Stewart designed Gal with the spectacular Givenchy dress and Gal also used a white Givenchy dress previously for a photo shoot.

Mark Rutland made Gal's hair that saw dark brown strands separated to the side with free flowing waves.

Celebrity makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani shared photos of Gal along with images of the makeup products she used to create the stunning look.

You can see those photos below.

The official Instagram account of the movie Wonder Woman shared a look at Gal Gadot and special highlights of the Wonder Woman panel. Gal was simply dazzling and fans praised the actress while talking about the qualities that the new movie will embody.

Check out Gal Gadot while making his grand entrance.

Talk about an entry! Our Wonder Woman, @gal_gadot, takes the stage at #CCXP! # WW84 "

You can watch the video that Wonder Woman Film's account shared with her 941,000 Instagram followers below.

Gal Gadot stylist Elizabeth Stewart shared several photos of Gal with a beautiful two-tone Givenchy dress. The top was white with a cropped section and the bodice flowed in a gray skirt. Paired the dress with white heels with straps.

You can see Gal's photo in Givenchy's dress below.

What do you think of Gal Gadot's outfits for the CCXP 19 convention in Sao Paulo? Are you eager to see? Wonder Woman 1984 When is it released in theaters?


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