Don't worry, Margot Robbie also sleeps with her stuffed animal


Photo by Colin Dodgson

Margot RobbieHe has a childhood memory he never got over: his stuffed bunny.

During the premiere episode W new magazine podcast Five things with Lynn Hirschberg, the actress reflected on precious childhood memories and how it was to work with Nicole Kidmanand Charlize Theron in Bomb.

The premise of the podcast is simple. In each episode, a celebrity talks to the editor in general of the medium, Lynn Hirschbergand the details of a person, a place, a thing, a positive event and a negative event that shaped his identity. For his sole purpose, Robbie chose his beloved stuffed rabbit, called Bunny, which he has had since birth.

As it turns out, to her husband tom ackerley He is not Bunny's biggest fan. "(My husband) always throws Bunny out of bed because he obviously thinks it's a bit ridiculous that he still sleeps with Bunny," the star revealed. "Maybe he's a little jealous that Bunny always has a priority place in bed. He thinks I'm asleep and will throw Bunny out of bed and get so mad at him."

As for the only person who has formed it, the Birds of prey Star commented that his aunt has been the most influential. He also revealed that, growing up, he loved movies, naturally. So much so, that I was going to act Goldie hawn scenes for her mother.

Despite basically preparing for a career in acting for his entire life, Robbie was still dazzled by the whole Kidman Bomb.

Photo by Colin Dodgson

As she said, "I remember thinking, & # 39; Holy crap, that's why she from Nicole Kidman. The second one is called the action, which just became this crazy presence. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Everything that I said, although it wasn't a terribly deep line that suddenly felt powerful. And I was like woah. It's very interesting to first-hand witnesses. I remember thinking like, "Okay, I understand. I understand why she is who she is because that is magical. "

Of course, Kidman was not the only Oscar winner in the cast. Shifting gears to talk about Theron, Robbie shared a story about the moment when Monster alum stayed up late to help her film an intense moment.

As the 29-year-old shared, "My other really heavy scene where I'm talking on the phone with Kate McKinnonis the character and is really emotional and gives me a breakdown at that time, Kate had to get on a plane to return SNL".

"Charlize that I wasn't working all day," he continued. "It's 10 o'clock at night, the night before Thanksgiving, I mean she has children and stuff. From there on the set doing camera dialogue for me, so I couldn't do that scene. I was like than a woman Ella. And like giving everything, not only reading the lines, but really being on the scene with me and I was so impressed by that. "

This interview comes fresh from the heels of the main ladies of the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild.

Robbie and Theron are nominated for a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for their performances in the film about FOX News & # 39; Roger Ailes& # 39; Fall. For its part, Kidman is nominated for an SAG Award.

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