Denise Richards can give up RHOBH after the frustrations of the trip to Rome


Denise Richards has allegedly been MIA for most of the filming of the new season of Housewives of Beverly Hills. After allegedly urged the actress to attend a trip to Rome cast, he is about to say goodbye to the series forever.

Richards has reportedly been losing filming due to his work schedule Beauty and Power crazy and be a mother to her children. The newlyweds have also said that they do not cooperate when it comes to being a part of stories about the sow reality.

Recently, the women went on vacation in Rome, Italy, which Denise producers allegedly begged that they do not carry on. Since she had been out of the loop to film so much, the powers she told herself had to go.

Up News Info reported: ‘Denise Richards really didn't want to go to Rome at all after fighting to compete with the cast this season. Denise had multiple conversations in which he begged the producers to stay, but I really wanted there and it's your job, so he left. "

Unfortunately, the forced ‘yes’ may have been the straw that broke the glass for an already disconnected Denise.

The source went on to tell the website: "It seems you do not like the program so much to do this season and no one would be surprised if it were the last,quot;.

As you probably know, the 48-year-old man does not need the program money. She already has her hands full with a career as a busy actress, a new husband and young children.

While if it decided to leave the series, even create more problems for farmers who are already struggling with a lackluster cast after the departure of Lisa Vanderpump.


Do you think Richards will make this his last season?

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