Chris Brown's baby mom, Ammika Harris cuts her hair and surprises fans – See photos


You probably already know that, according to the latest rumors that flood the Internet, Ammika Harris, 26, not only has a relationship with Chris Brown, but also gave birth to her son recently.

Neither party has confirmed any of this, but stories about Ammika's birth continue to float everywhere.

On the other hand, he cares about his business, and simply surprised his followers and followers of social networks with some of the most recent photos he shared in IG.

It seems that he could have cut his hair shorter:

A follower addressed the rumors of the bay and said: "There is no way he had a baby." I think people should stop spreading rumors. Also, babies are a blessing to hide that. 🤷🏾‍♀️ ’

A surprised follower asked: "You didn't cut your hair, right?" 💜💜💜 ’and Ammika replied:‘ bangs ’

An enemy shaded her and said: "girl, boo, you just want Chris to love you back, but now you just stayed as baby mom number 2,quot;.

Someone else said: "I thought that random piece of hair on your chest was on my screen and I kept moving it out hahaha, you're pretty old."

One commenter said: ‘The fourth and fifth photo is my favorite. I love to see you smile and happy. That's all I want for you in life, also known as cutie patootie "

So far, Chris did not address the rumors that claim he became a father for the second time, but left some clues in his social media account, as did Ammika herself.


What you think? Ammika had Chris's baby?

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