Brad Pitt breaks his silence about his love life: how could women have dated since Angelina Jolie's divorce?


People have been wondering if Brad Pitt is dating again since his divorce from Angelina Jolie and, similarly, many rumors of romance have circulated about him and several different women! Now, the actor is finally breaking his silence and revealing the truth about his love life!

During an interview for the New York Times, Brad talked about his career, but also about his personal life, answering a burning question: "How many women have you dated since your divorce was filed?

After all, it's been three years since then! Could I have remained single all this time?

First, writer David Marchese wondered if Brad had read any of the gossip about him.

‘I don't go out of my way to avoid it; I just don't look for it. I don't know how many women have said that I've been dating in the past two or three years, and none of that is true. I just realized something, but maybe it doesn't mean anything, "he argued.

Ok, although he didn't reveal the number of women he dated during this time, he made it very clear that none of those rumored to be his partner was romantically with him!

And that wasn't even everything! The actor went on to use a very intelligent little story as a way to dissuade the press from reaching conclusions and mistakenly assuming each time.


‘When I started my career, I was in USA Today. I was quite satisfied with myself. Two days after he left, I go to a friend's house. In the kitchen, I look down and there is a litter box for the cat, and there is my piece in USA Today with a cat on top. That defines it more or less. "

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