Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are ready to get married, but there is one thing in their way


Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been together for more than four years, and rumors of engagement and secret marriage have followed the couple since they made their romance public. But now, it seems that the couple is really ready to become a husband and wife, but there is one thing that stands in their way.

According to People Magazine, multiple sources claim that Shelton has taken Stefani seriously since the beginning of their relationship, and thought about proposing it from the beginning. However the Make me like you The singer is Catholic and wants a wedding in the church with Shelton.

Unfortunately, that is not possible because the Roman Catholic Church does not allow someone divorced to remarry in the church, unless the first marriage is annulled. It is a long and difficult process, so insider information confirms that Stefani and Shelton are getting married in a church "is currently not possible."

As fans know, Stefani was married to Bush leader Gavin Rossdale for 13 years, and they had three children together, before separating in 2015 after he cheated on the babysitter.

No matter if they marry at a church wedding or not, there is no doubt that Shelton and Stefani are happily happy together. Their relationship is "very serious,quot;, and both are sure of having found "the right one." A source said the couple "definitely addresses marriage."

The source added that Stefani and Shelton are "very similar and comfortable with each other," and the 50-year-old man "brings this spark to the rural world." It is clear that Stefani loves Shelton, says the source. And, her family has hugged her completely.

The same can be said of his family, who flew to Oklahoma to celebrate Thanksgiving with the couple. Shelton has also become a father figure for Stefani's children: Kingston, Zuma and Apollo.

"They fall in love more and more with each other, and their coefficient of happiness continues to increase," says the source.

Shelton and Stefani currently star in season 17 of The voice, which concludes next week. Shelton also has a new album that will be released on December 13 entitled Fully charged: the country of God. And, one of the songs on the album is a duet with Stefani titled No one but you.


The country's superstar said about her last duet with Stefani: “I was about to enter and record when I decided that I needed Gwen because it was our song. I think it's magic. "

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