Blac Chyna has the solution for perfect skin, and is not a bleaching agent: watch his video


Blac Chyna's skin has been influenced by his fans for a long time, and people wanted to know what products he had been using. On several occasions she was accused of using skin whitening products, but she has always denied it.

Instead, he revealed to his fans and followers of IG the secret to having the ideal skin. Watch the video you recently shared on your social media account.

‘Happy day of radiance! Do you see my skin and this shine? Thanks to @organicskinlightener maximum strength I am very grateful for this ALL NATURAL product made with glutathione formula that helps lighten the scars of acne, eczema, melasma, discoloration, stretch marks and sincerely any skin condition. do you have. & # 39; Chyna began publishing.

She continued and told her fans: "The holidays are here, let's make our skin shine for the New Year!" Use the code "Chyglowmeup,quot; to get a discount 💋✨ # decadeisoverletsglowtogether ".

Many followers praised the products, and some others are curious to try them.

Chyna has also been working a lot in the gym lately, and made sure to share a video from there too.

She is exercising, and her followers say that what she is doing is extremely hard training, and they praise her for her dedication. Just watch the video in the gym too.

People appreciated his strength and willingness to do something this hard, and many fans angered his appearance.

These huge efforts in the gym are definitely paying off.


Chyna was in the spotlight not long after he managed to worry fans with one of his IG publications.

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