A $ AP Rocky lands in Sweden for the first time since his assault trial


As previously reported by various media, sources speculated that A $ AP Rocky would return to Sweden after his arrest for participating in a street fight in Stockholm, and Page Six simply confirmed that he returned to the Scandinavian nation.

The Swedish publication, The Local, was the first to report that the 31-year-old man arrived at a concert on Wednesday at Ericsson Globe approximately four months after he was charged and convicted. Rocky will rap along with Dree Low, Z.E and Jireel.

A $ AP Rocky is making a profit for the charity, FARR, which is for the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups. Rakim Mayers, also known as A $ AP Rocky, was in a Swedish jail cell in Stockholm during the summer months after he and two of his friends fought with a teenager.

Mayers was slapped with a suspended sentence and was also required to pay around $ 1,300 to the victim. The rapper promised that he would return to the nation after the support he received from his Swedish fan base, including an online petition.

During the summer months of 2019, TMZ reported that A $ AP's lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, told reporters that the alleged victim in the case was a "storyteller, and hoped to interrogate him during the trial."

At that time, Jovicic said he planned to interview a bodyguard, as well as an additional witness who claims to have witnessed "something interesting." In addition, the rapper's lawyer made sure he could prove that the bottle used in the fight was not used in the same way that prosecutors alleged.

In addition, Rocky's lawyer admitted that he and his client were relieved by the video that helped his case. The young man involved in the dispute argued in court that he had had nightmares since the attack and had suffered hand injuries.


He also claimed that the rumors that he was drugged during the alleged attack were not true, and that he had damaged his reputation. While the victim was speaking, according to reporters, Rocky and the other men involved looked away from him while telling his story.

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