YOU. He makes sure that Tiny Harris receives all his attention and love in a new video after explosive trap confessions and the shameful scandal of Deyjah Harris Hymen-Check


Recently enough ink has been spilled on Tiny Harris and her husband, T.I. However, a video has appeared showing that the power couple is becoming stronger than ever.

In the clip, T.I.P. Let the world know that Tiny is yours by wrapping your two arms around her. The Xscape diva seemed happy and in love with receiving all the attention of her man.

The rapper has been in the media for several reasons, including the much-discussed interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, where he talked about his countless infidelities.

TIP. He said: "Sensitivity is in the eye of the beholder because what I feel is sensitive may not be the same as she feels is sensitive. Everyone has their own trigger levels."

He went on to say: "I feel (I am) something like a philosopher. There is a perspective that I think is interesting that I would like to share with people for the advancement of the generation."

Tiny replied: "What you are trying to say is that I went and found my own voice… It was not what I was used to. I was used to controlling things and having things in their own way at all times, but once I stood up, I felt that I should also have a voice. "

According to Hollywood lifeEverything is fine between couples despite Deyjah Harris' drama and explosive interviews.

A source said: “While the response to the episode was overwhelmingly positive, there were many who left unpleasant comments on the Facebook video, especially about T.I. cheating on Tiny. They may well be screaming at a wall. It does not matter to tip what people think about their marriage. The only opinion he cares about is that of his wife. "

The informant revealed: "They are deeply in love and deeply united, and if people do not understand their relationship, there is no difference for him." And here there is no way I can make any statement about this. That conversation (Red Table Talk) was his statement. Anyone who wants to take the time to look and listen to what he is saying will understand how much he loves his wife and how committed he is to his heart and soul. The enemies that can't see that are simply negative, and he doesn't have the time of day for them. "


YOU. You will have to be patient for social networks to advance after the last weeks.

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