William Shatner and his wife file for divorce after 18 years


First reported by Just Jared, the store states that the Star trek Alum, William Shatner, and his wife, Elizabeth, have officially filed for divorce after eighteen years of marriage.

TMZ was the first to report that Shatner and his 61-year-old ex reached a prenuptial agreement, so the media suggested that the divorce process would not be a problem at all. Neither party will receive spousal support, the exit states, which was declared and confirmed in the agreement.

The store also states that the division between the former couple must be finalized by a judge. William's fans know that he and Elizabeth first married in 2001, but they don't have children together. In addition to having a long and successful acting career, William has also produced several albums.

Reported by Bridget Hill in August 2018, Mr. Shaner revealed that he was releasing a new Christmas album called, Shatner clause: The Christmas album. The album saw the tastes of many prolific artists, including Judy and Mel Collins, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, as well as country artist Brad Paisley.

In fact, during an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Henry Rollins, the former Black Flag leader who won a Grammy Award for his work in Enter the vanHe told the host that he and William were actually good friends.

Although probably a surprising relationship, William and Henry live close to each other. Previously, Shatner released an album of spoken words in 1968 called: The transformed man, in addition to Meditate on the mystery, looking for Major Tomand Has been.

However, the role that has made William Shatner a legend forever was his work in the aforementioned Star Trek, where James T. Kirk played. Since then, Shatner has become a cultural icon.


Shatner was known for having a fantastic work ethic in the past, however, some argued that it would have been better to refuse more work because he allegedly damaged his career. According to reports, Mr. Shatner would never say "no,quot; to an offer.

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