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Week 15 Fantasy busts: Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Raheem Mostert between risky & # 39; playoffs & # 39; of playoffs


I'm sorry, Adrian Peterson. Week 15 has the potential to begin its last hurray with Derrius Guice, but our list of busts of week 15 does not believe so. The Eagles are simply not a good confrontation for the future Hall of Fame member, and although you should get the workload, the numbers probably won't follow. The same could be true of Aaron Rodgers, and although it is not a future HOFer, the popular Raheem Mostert exemption exemption could also be on the unhappy side of the fantasy of starting, sitting, bubble.

We are also worried about the usual fantasy entrees, such as Devonta Freeman (@ 49ers) and Josh Allen (@ Steelers). Injuries combined with bad clashes could also ruin the week for early season hardcore fans JuJu Smith-Schuster and Evan Engram.

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You made it too easy for us to receive a bankruptcy call in particular last week: Darwin Thompson was always unlikely to have a good game against a strong Pats defense, but the fantasy owners fainted for him. We were not right about Mostert, who simply proved that he is the man in the San Francisco camp, but as we said, we will return to that. Chris Carson's bust call was also counterproductive, with Rashaad Penny's knee injury really releasing him to shine.

WEEK 15 PPR CLASSIFICATIONS: Running | Wide receiver | Hard end

Don't even make us start with the choice of Drew Brees bust; If you sat it, we are very sorry. Those six entries were undoubtedly difficult to support on your bench. At least we got the bust selections from Marquise Brown and Brandin Cooks, and Mark Andrews' injury also helped us to do well.

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Week 15 Fantasy busts: runners

Devonta Freeman, Falcons @ 49ers (Billy Heyen). It is not difficult to realize that starting a player against the 49ers is risky, even after they only gave the Saints more than 40 points. The most pertinent information is that Alvin Kamara didn't have a great game, and Freeman didn't either.

Adrian Peterson, Redskins @ Eagles (Vinnie Iyer). The Eagles are very difficult to run, especially with a power racer, and Peterson should close with more of Chris Thompson in the mix.

Raheem Mostert, 49ers vs. Falcons (Matt Lutovsky). Everything points in the direction of Mostert. He has scored in three consecutive games, dominating RB snapshots in each of the last two. The Falcons are also not a very good defense, and this seems like a game that the 49ers should win easily, which would presumably create more carries in the second half for Mostert. But we only have a bad feeling. Despite his instant advantage, he had only five touches more than Matt Breida last week, and it is worth noting that one of his TDs made a trick play where he caught a pass from Emmanuel Sanders. The Falcons are really decent against the RBs (tied for 20th place in allowed fantasy points), and the flow of the game could lead Mostert to sit more in the second half if it's not necessary. Also, do you really think he will score four straight games? In no way is Mostert a "must-sit,quot;, but here there are more worries than you might initially realize.

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Week 15 Fantasy Football Busts: Quarterbacks

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers vs. Falcons (Heyen). This is not so much to expect Garoppolo to have a bad game. Rather, I am concerned that people are too interested in the idea that Garoppolo will throw enough to make this great confrontation important. Sure, I could find its way to three touchdowns, but I don't expect a game like last week.

Josh Allen, Steelers vs. Bills (Iyer). You must keep it parked against a tougher defense than it faced last week.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs. Bears (Lutovsky). Rodgers has had less than two touchdowns in four of the last five games, and has failed to overcome 243 yards in any of the games in that span. He has a history of lighting the Bears, but that didn't move to Week 1 of this year (203 yards, a TD). The Bears have stood firm against the QB for most of the year (13.9 fantasy points per game in four-point touchdown leagues), making it difficult to be excited about Rodgers here.

Week 15 Bustos Fantasy Football: open receivers

Allen Robinson, Bears @ Packers (Heyen). Robinson should probably be treated by Jaire Alexander, who has often led to silent WR games. This could be a game in which the goals are again in favor of Anthony Miller.

Stefon Diggs, Vikings @ Chargers (Iyer). You may need to use it in season, but it will be done with the old friend of NFC North, Casey Hayward, and the defense of the Bolts can tear it down.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers vs. Bills (Lutovsky). It's hard to sit someone like Smith-Schuster (knee) if he's active, but with just one team that allows fewer WR fantasy points than the Bills this year, it's foolish to bet on him. If it's out, that also applies to James Washington and Diontae Johnson.

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Week 15 Fantasy football busts: closed ends

Evan Engram, Giants vs. Dolphins (Heyen). Obviously, Engram has to play to be a legitimate initial bust: I worry that the foot injury that has bothered him for weeks does not stop bothering him, even if he is in the field. Miami has played better lately, neither Eli Manning nor Daniel Jones inspire a lot of confidence, and a lower body injury from a great body player may not work well. (If Engram is out, he would go with David Njoku as a possible bust due to use).

Jacob Hollister, Seahawks @ Panthers (Iyer). With Luke Kuechly and his assurances, the Panthers have typically been good at this type of coverage.

Kyle Rudolph, Vikings @ Chargers (Lutovsky). Rudolph's TD streak came to an end last week, as he received only two goals and recorded 11 yards. It is tempting to use it while Adam Thielen (hamstrings) is out, but against the Chargers, which allow only 6.5 points of non-PPR fantasy per game to TEs, it offers more risk than reward.

Week 15 Fantasy busts: defenses

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Bills (Heyen). I really couldn't get to a great bust defense this week, so I'll play with the narrative that Josh Allen has been better protecting the ball and has enough weapons to earn points in Pittsburgh on Sunday night.

Minnesota Vikings @ Chargers (Iyer). This is a trap for a long road trip on the other side of a possible serious disorder.

Chicago Bears @ Packers (Lutovsky). Although we like the Bears to limit Aaron Rodgers, we do not believe that this will completely close the Packers offense or force many turnovers. It has been mediocre for most of the year, and the Packers don't make many mistakes, so this is an upside down play.