Toya Wright fans love spending a lot of time with their sister and niece – Jashae steals the spotlight


Toya Wright has spent a lot of time with her family lately since they went on vacation to Dubai. This trip was especially for Reginae Carter, who just turned 21.

Toya has been sharing many photos and videos of the beautiful places the family has visited, and managed to leave fans amazed.

People are also happy to see her spend time with her sister and niece, Jashae.

Someone commented: Tu Your niece is beautiful! The "Nita genes,quot; produced some beautiful seeds! "And another follower said:" Your niece is absolutely beautiful. Keep taking care of her. ❤️❤️❤️ ’

A follower also talked about Toya's niece, but asked: "The girl in the middle is really pretty, who is she @toyawright?"

A fan quickly answered the question and wrote this: "That is his brother Josh, who passed on to his daughter." She lives with them. "

A follower said this: "Toya, your niece is your twin and she is cute!"

In case you didn't know, Jashae is Toya's late brother, Josh's daughter.

In May, this year, he celebrated an important event in his life. Toya shared some photos of her niece's graduation and said she would go to high school.

Apart from this, Toya is living her best life, and her fans couldn't be happier these days. Why? Well, because he finally agreed to marry Robert Rushing!


Fans have been asking him to accept his marriage proposal for a long time, and finally he did!

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