Tiny Harris shares photos with heiress Harris as her background and Internet singer goes crazy with excitement


Tiny Harris shared some new photos on her social media account that has amazed fans. They are from a concert during which their girl, Heiress Harris, wanted to be her background singer, and the girl is definitely something else on stage, as you will see below.

‘Don't play with my lil superstar @heiressdharris, he's not afraid of anything! She said she wanted to be one of my background singers. Now, what kind of mother would she be if she didn't give him a chance! Ghana is doing us good, but I can't help being sick at home. When I'm missing my ☀️ Glam … my son @therealnoigjeremy @thatshekinah @shereeglamdolls #MyBabyGirlLovesHerMamasMusic #MyKidsAreMyEverything #ProudMama #BlessedNHighlyFavored 👑💜💞🤩💫 ’titles include subtitles

Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss got excited about the girl in the comments and sent her kind thoughts and love.

Another of Tiny's friends wrote: www Awww, look at the sweet lil eHeresa, she is focused and knows exactly what she is doing. We miss you too! See you soon. & # 39;

Someone else posted this: Amo I love it so much! she will definitely be a star "she already has the personality,quot;.

The Zonnique Pullins fan group posted this: “ You really made superstars like queens 🤞🏼🤞🏼💜💜 you are the best girl and I saw your story saying that Zonnique could release her ep or her songs this month and the niq team is so excited we've been waiting for and can't wait to support her as if we support the heiress once she starts singing 💜 & # 39;

Another follower also got excited about Heiress and said: ‘I mean, she's really a superstar lil @majorgirl @ troubleman31. ❤️ ’

Speaking of Tiny and her children, she recently shared a beautiful photo with Zonnique and her best friend, Nae.


Reginae Carter celebrated her 21st birthday, and was on vacation in Dubai with her mother, Toya Wright, Robert Rushing and her best friends, including Zonnique.

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