Ryan Reynolds is almost crushed by a broken barricade and hundreds of fans at the Comic-Con in Brazil


dead Pool The star Ryan Reynolds attended CCXP 2019, a Comic-Con experience, in São Paulo, Brazil, last weekend to promote his new movie Free boy. But, the event almost became tragic when Reynolds jumped off the stage to shake hands with the crowd and broke a barricade, almost crushing the actor.

Reynolds was on stage in front of thousands of fans shouting when he jumped for a moment to shake his hand, and as soon as he did, the barricade broke. Reynolds was able to use his quick reflexes and jump out of the way before being crushed. If it had taken a second longer to depart, the barricade, along with hundreds of fans, would have caught the Detective Pikachu star.

Numerous fans captured the terrifying moment on video and immediately posted the clip on social media. Security intervened immediately to make sure Reynolds was not injured, but the 43-year-old actor was more concerned about the fans who fell when the barricade broke out.

In the video clips that have been published, it seems that the place was extremely crowded, as both barriers around the small stage were broken. According to The explosion, no one suffered serious injuries, and the event continued as scheduled.

At the event, Reynolds premiered the trailer for his new movie. Free boy, which is about a non-playable character in an open-world video game that one day decides he wants to get involved in the action. The film also stars Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery and Joe Keery.

Other stars in the CCXP event included Daisy Ridley and the cast of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Ryan Reynolds has also appeared in the headlines lately for his brilliant marketing decision to broadcast actress Monica Ruiz in his new commercial for his alcohol brand, Aviation Gin. Ruiz played the wife in the controversial Peloton commercial that went viral in recent weeks.

In the Aviation Gin commercial, Ruiz is sitting in a bar and appears to be stressed and slightly traumatized by the drama surrounding Peloton's announcement while drinking Aviation Gin. Then, he suddenly says: "This gin is really soft."


When Ryan Reynolds published the commercial on Instagram, he wrote in the title: "Exercise bike not included."

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