Princess Love breaks her husband Ray J's heart with this new message


While there was some hope that Princess Love could have changed her mind about her divorce from Ray J, that is not the case at all, and the process proceeds as planned.

This was confirmed by Princess Love herself in a recent public statement, in which she made it clear that she had no intention of looking back in the slightest, and that she trusted her decision.

Princess Love posted this on social media: "If the universe is forcing mutha fu, as outside your life, let that happen."

One person told the pregnant woman: "Make up your mind," and Princess Love replied: "When did I change it?"

Meanwhile, Ray J has still been dealing with a lot of pressure on the accusations that were presented to him, which implies him in deceiving Princess Love in several ways.

Ray J has admitted that he deeply regretted his actions, and wished he could undo them, but at the same time, he also claimed that he would be waiting for his life if that was what he had to do.

He added that he did not want to leave any of his family behind because he was not that type of man, but that he had no other choice if he was not loved in his current relationship.

He said: “I love you, princess, and look; It didn't happen that way. I would never leave my baby and my daughter like that, I would die first before leaving them next to the (road). I'm done with Las Vegas. I hate Las Vegas anymore. "

The scandal between Ray J and Princess Love remains a hot topic in blogs and social networks, and has divided many of his followers for some time.

Some are convinced that the two are making the right decision to separate, while others have insisted that they should reconsider due to the depth of their relationship.

A sponsor shared: "I'm glad you calm down because you were talking about divorcing, they said, but don't give advice to your friends about their relationship as Lyrica because sometimes, you come back to you, everyone has problems in their marriage, but the problem is that you do not run, you do what is best for your children, and you know that you come from a home in ruins that you definitely do not want your children to have to resist, go to the counseling talk about what God put together, that nobody puts you Under the meaning, always stay together, always communicate and you know that men are like children, but that is why we must ensure that women remain strong.


In the end, however, it is your decision.

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