Porsha Williams shows her torn figure in a tight black dress and looks amazing


Porsha Williams shared a photo in her social media account in which she wears a small black dress that shows all her curves very well. People praise their appearance in the comments, and they really can't seem to get enough of the RHOA star.

Someone appreciated Porsha and said: ‘Natural beauty. Girl, you look good, "and another follower posted this:" Breathe chiiiile lol. You look beautiful 💕 ’

One commenter wrote: ‘Wow! Come through the body! 😍 ’

Many people mentioned the fact that Porsha managed to respond very quickly after having her baby, PJ.

Apart from this, Porsha talked about the fact that, for the first time, black women won all major beauty pageants.

Here is his post:

With this publication, Porsha managed to provoke an intense debate in his comments section.

Someone commented: Martin Didn't Martin Luther King say that we should aim to focus on the content of our characters rather than the color of our skins? What would happen if the tables turned and the four young women mentioned above were white? Would they have celebrated the same? This is a rampant hypocrisy at the highest level smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ ’

Another follower said: ‘the magic of white girls will never be a thing because white women have already been winning for hundreds of years. That is just calling attention to something that whites get relatively easily compared to minorities. Then, when we win, yes, expect joy from us. "

Someone else wrote: "I have no problem with that … my children are biracial … my point was that we would go to hell if the four were white, that is a fact, it has always been that way."

Recently, Porsha showed his support for Marlo Hampton in his social media account.


Marlo has a new wig line and Porsha made sure to shout at him.

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