Porsha Williams and Baby PJ look identical in the recoil photo


It seems that little Pilar Jhena is the image of her mother's saliva! Porsha Williams' man, Dennis McKinley, turned to social networks to share an image from side to side that showed a picture of his baby and one of them when he was about the same age and his resemblance is undeniable.

The star of Real Housewives of Atlanta looks adorable at the time of retreat and now we all know where her daughter PJ gets her tenderness!

Finding the beautiful vintage photo, Dennis couldn't help but share it with the world, along with a picture of his daughter, just to compare!

In the caption, the man wrote: ‘Ok @ porsha4real ❤️🙏🏾. PJ looks like his mother, today I will give some credit to my wife. "

His admission comes in response to people online who always say that the 9-month-old baby looks like his father and he generally agrees.

Speaking of which, here are some of his followers' comments below the photo: "I've been saying that @pilarjhena looks like @ porsha4real! 😂. '/' Omg, I thought she looked like you but they were identical 😍 😍. '

On the other hand, some insisted that PJ looks like his father and commented on things like: "PJ looks like you no matter what day it is, she is your twin."

However, everyone can agree with a comment like the following: "Her facial expressions are priceless and she is a doll❤️".

Regardless of who it looks more like now, we'll just have to wait until it grows so that it becomes clear.


And who knows? Maybe your next child together will look like the other parent so everyone can be happy!

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