Nick Cannon asks Eminem to "go out and play,quot; as he continues!


The war between Nick Cannon and Eminem isn't even close to ending! After the latter's response to the other man's diss track on Twitter, Nick is causing the older rapper to fix it face to face now!

Judging by its explosive interaction in social networks, it seems that the drama is only escalating!

Nick and Slim Shady have long been enemies, but recently, their flesh returned stronger than ever after calming down for a while.

They have been coming and going for a few days and the last to respond is Nick, who went to his platform of choice to share a video in which he dragged Eminem a little more.

‘Hi Marshallllllllll. Come and get down, "he scoffed while he was on stage, the crowd that assisted him encouraged him.

Nick has been trying to convince Eminem to come to his Wild ‘N Out show so they can finally sort things out in person and it seems like this could be the last method to try to convince him.

In the caption, Nick also wrote: ‘@Eminem, I see that your handlers allow you to use the Internet today Marshall! @MTVwildnout we wait … "

As you know, your problem has been going on for more than a decade and began as a drama between Eminem and Nick's ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

The rapper said that he and the singer left, but Mariah denied it and, from there, they continued to argue for years!

Although Mariah and Nick are no longer husband and wife, they continue to be very close and care about each other.


Then, when Eminem decided to dissuade Mariah and Nick in their last song, the war began once again!

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