NeNe Leakes mentions Michelle Obama and more famous ladies in her speech, defending the "right,quot; of public figures to wear the same dress several times: see the photos and the message


You've probably heard that NeNe Leakes has been really upset these days after something his friend Andy Cohen did. He mentioned the fact that she wore the same red dress twice as if it were something terrible to do as a public figure.

NeNe defended himself and posted a long message on social networks just to show his disappointment at his exaggerated reaction.

Now, it seems she can't get over the way he reacted to this, and posted some photos with Michelle Obama and more famous figures in the same dress or attire twice, but only with different accessories.

She said public figures should not be limited in this way; people should also be able to use whatever they want when they want and, most importantly, how many times they want.

Here is the recent NeNe publication:

‘SWIPE: I am not sure why women who are public figures cannot repeat an outfit, but these women did it fabulously, and I will continue to do so whenever I want. I love my clothes, "NeNe wrote.

Someone supports NeNe and said: Chica Girl! That is a stupid rule that most blacks break, trying to comply! In South Africa, my friend said that you have a washing machine for that! So you can wash it and use it again! Use what you want as many times as you want !!! You don't have to prove anything to silly people! "

Another follower said: ‘Guilty as accused of repetition of attire. I love my clothes and I love to wear it again and again. It is only from social networks that people begin to track people's attire

One commenter wrote this: ‘Girl, those adjustments are not cheap, and some looks should definitely be more than once! I am totally for it! 🙌🏽❤️ ’

Someone else said: ‘Don't listen to him. 👌🏽 I love that you are using it again. Fashion is supposed to be used more than once. "


What do you think about this matter?

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