Lauren London pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle: shows a tattoo of her portrait in an emotional cougar ad


In a new announcement for Puma, titled Forever Stronger, Lauren London seemed to pay a very touching tribute to her other half, Nipsey Hussle. The way he did it was by showing his tattoo dedicated to the rapper who was sadly murdered in March.

The video shows the beautiful woman throughout Los Angeles, dressed in the brand's garments.

The best sights and monuments of the city are shown, and that is important since those places meant a lot to the rapper and his partner.

However, there is more! The voiceover is from a poem written by no less than Samantha Smith, Nipsey's sister!

The tribute is emotional and surprising in its cinematography and direction.

The camera follows Lauren as she walks and talks with people.

Finally, the announcement highlights the tattoo on his forearm, which is a great portrait of Nipsey!

This is not the first time Lauren pays tribute to the rapper.

In fact, since her death last spring, she has focused on keeping her memory full in her mind and honoring him in everything she knew.

In September, six months after his death, Lauren posted on Instagram: "If you feel you are losing everything, remember that trees lose all their leaves every year and still stand firm and wait for those best days to come."

This message also seems to match the one the ad title is posting.


It is quite clear that Lauren is still in mourning and that is normal given how much she loved him and how well her relationship was going before her premature death.

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