Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott can't stay away from each other – Stay connected, says the report!


Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott secretly hooked and can't keep their hands away? That's what sources tell Radar Online exclusively. Kylie and Travis were together for about 19 months and share a daughter, Stormi Webster, who will soon be two years old. Fans were shocked, sad and surprised when Kylie announced that she and Travis were taking a break and it seemed that her family was going through a difficult time. Travis has been plagued by rumors of cheating and at one point it was said that he had disconnected his Instagram account to show his love for Kylie.

Although the young couple may face difficulties, people like them together and hope they can solve things for the sake of their family and especially for little Stormi. Although the reports suggest that the two are doing an excellent job of parenting, there is still nothing like maintaining a strong family unit that is based on mutual love and respect.

Radar Online reported the following that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott could not stay away from each other.

"This was not something that neither of them intended, but it just happened organically, since they still feel extremely attracted to each other and don't find the same chemistry with anyone else."

The statement is an explanation of why after the couple broke up in October and made a public announcement, and although Kylie was surrounded by rumors that she was engaging with Drake, she attended Travis Astroworld festival, where she even referred to the 22 years. Old billionaire like his wife.

You can see the Radar Online report below.

Fans hope the two really get back together and can overcome whatever separates them, to begin with. Both Travis and Kylie are still young and have to make many adjustments to be exclusive and raise their daughter.

Their fans believe they can do it and hope that even if they need to take a break to see if they are better suited to other people, they will return to each other and realize that what they have is the real deal.


What you think? Do you think Travis and Kylie owe each other, and Stormi to give their relationship another chance?

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