KUWK: Kim Kardashian finally breaks her silence about her family, supposedly rejecting Caitlyn Jenner because I'm a celebrity!


While Caitlyn Jenner was in I am a celebrity … Get me out of here, it seemed like all the famous members of her family were intentionally rejecting her! However, amid public outrage over the fact that Caitlyn did not receive letters or attention packages from the stars of KUWK, Kim is responding!

However, even before that, Caitlyn's son, Brandon, addressed speculation, defending the entire clan.

A conversation about DMs was captured and shared and finally seemed to shed some light on the whole situation.

The exchange began with a fan who asked Brandon: "Why weren't you on the bridge? How sad to see your dad upset."

It's okay! You may know that, in addition to not receiving family letters and care packages, the transgender icon also walked alone across the ceremonial bridge when it was eliminated in episode 6 and for many, it was really sad to see it.

Usually, there are family and friends waiting on the other side, and that has always been the case since the show's premiere in 2002!

The DM screenshot obtained by Mirror Online, shows that Brandon responded to the fan, explaining: ‘Honestly, nobody came to set it up. I think it could have been a "story,quot; that the producers wanted to make to get more empathy for Caitlyn. This is how that type of TV works. 😏 ’

And then, it was Kim's turn to clear things up, tweeting: "Exactly what Brandon said !!!! NOBODY of I & # 39; m AA Celeb even approached and asked for letters, apparitions or anything of any kind. Kardashians or Jenners. "


This clarification comes after a person with insider information previously told HollywoodLife that the KarJenners had no intention of protecting Caitlyn, so everything accumulates for now.

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