Kandi Burruss ’Making Money Making Monday’ publication has people who need motivation


Kandi Burruss had a surprise for people who needed some motivation for Monday the other day. She shared a song for Monday to earn money series, and you can also see its publication below.

‘It's #MoneyMakingMonday! I haven't published it in a long time, so I thought I'd publish it for those of you who need some motivation on Mondays! Let's get it! I love the remix that @remixgodsuede made to my song #MoneyMakingMonday! Much love to @keke @ williespence_18 and @idshawnmusic, "Kandi captioned the clip she shared on her social media account.

People praised his IG post and thanked the song in the comments section.

A follower posted this: Ka Kandi never gets old! Just as you don't think I'm not exfoliating, etc.… blessings with the sister of the pen. "

One commenter said: "Seriously, that was very hard @kandi,quot;, I almost started twerking "and another follower posted this:" I love this song, thanks for always motivating me. @Kandi is going to collect all the bags today
💰💰❤️ ’

Someone posted this: "Yes, it's true! @Kandi I just enrolled in school to get my Bachelor of Business Administration. # 2020MyVisionYear,quot;.

Another excited fan told Kandi: "This is my mood every Monday for the rest of my life !!!!!"

The other day, it was revealed that Kandi posted a new episode about RHOA in the "Speak On It,quot; series of his YouTube channel.


People are worried about her husband, Todd Tucker's relationship with his daughter Kaela Tucker.

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