Jada Smith reveals that someone once accused her and Willow's will hungry


Fans of Red Table Talk We know that Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield and Willow Smith often immerse themselves in controversial and controversial issues. During the segment, "Ask us anything," Adrienne, Jada and Willow talked about how he felt defending his parents from media reports, which caused Jada to face an accident from the past.

According to USA Today, a person asked Willow if he felt it was necessary to defend his parents from salacious reports and rumors, and Jada Pinkett Smith began talking about a particular incident.

Smith says that perhaps the most irritating thing of all is when people online criticize their parenting choices. In other words, Jada states that he hates when people suggest that they should not let their children make certain decisions.

Jada suggested that if she and Will had tried to control their children, they could have ended up with TMZ, using drugs and feeling sad. The actress stated that it was better to allow the children to find themselves and what they like to do.

In addition, Smith recalled an incident in which someone called Child Protective Services about her and Will after rumors that they were "starving Willow." Jada says the rumor came from circulated photographs that showed Willow next to Moisés Arias.

Smith declared, "the children basically lived with us, so they are like their brothers." Willow continued to suggest that the problem was derived from racial prejudice, claiming that he noticed that some white celebrities published similar photographs with similar content and did not. Do not receive any violent reaction.

The mother of two 48-year-old children said it was actually the first time she was visibly enraged, however, some people on social media said Jada could have been exaggerating.

In the same program in 2018, Smith revived his relationship with the Bad guys alum, Gabrielle Union, after the rumors that she and her fellow actress collided with Will.


In the past, Jada was convinced that there was something between them on the set of Bad Boys. However, after speaking, Gabrielle and Jada crushed their meat.

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