Eminem takes "The Invitation,quot; and responds to Nick Cannon's Diss track


The war between Nick Cannon and Eminem continues! After the rapper dragged Nick and his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, into his new song, Nick not only applauded in his podcast but also released a diss song.

Now, it's Eminem's turn to shoot Cannon, this time on Twitter!

Nick released the diss entitled The Invitation, which was clearly intended to shoot Slim Shady.

In the letter, Mariah's ex shaded the older rapper's family, but he also claimed that his driver had a video of him orally playing a man!

Eminem left his recording studio for a moment and instead of releasing another song to answer those claims, he simply tweeted: ‘Are you crazy, brother? Stop lying on my cock. I didn't even have a driver, bobo f ** k.🤡.

And that was not all! Making it very clear that Nick's disgust was not taken seriously, Eminem continued to make fun of him by mentioning another type of employee that only "bougie,quot; people usually have.

"I demand an apology, Nicholas, you've made my gardener so jealous!" Says the second tweet.

It makes sense for Eminem to respond to the Diss, since the track was meant to be an "invitation,quot; to keep his flesh long-lasting, more explosive than ever!

He even made it personal by attacking Eminem's family and rapping on the track: "Call Kim, have someone get Hailey and that other child you raise, who isn't even your baby."

Well, the other had insulted his ex-wife, Mariah, who Nick still cares a lot even today, so it is no surprise that he made it so personal in The Invitation.


He also mentioned that on the track of diss, defending the singer saying: "My baby mom killed you a decade ago / You're still crying for that, damn, who is really ho?"

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