Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox hit the red carpet together for the first time in five years


BH90210 The star Brian Austin Green and his wife of almost ten years, Megan Fox, have always kept their relationship very private, and rarely appear together in public. But, the couple came to the red carpet for the first time in five years at the # FIGHT4THEAMAZON event of PUBG Mobile that benefited Global Green because they were passionate about the cause.

While on the red carpet, Fox said We weekly that we are in a state of emergency in terms of what is happening with the Amazon because the deforestation rate is incredible. And there is also a climate crisis.

"We have no time to lose," said the 33-year-old. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star. “Then, people have to be aware, people have to get involved, people have to act now. If we lose even a fraction of what we have already lost more in the rainforest, we will not be able to return from the climate crisis, and we will have to look at other planets to inhabit like Mars, but we are very far from that. "

Green intervened saying he doesn't want to live on Mars.

In addition to their passion for the Amazon and the climate crisis, the couple, who shares three children: Noah, 7, Bodhi, 5 and Journey, 3 – also talked about BH90210 and its cancellation after only one season.

Fox said she liked the Beverly Hills 90210 restart because it was "super fun and weird and unusual,quot;, and she wanted to see more of the cast. Fox explained that with such a large cast and everyone moving to Canada for filming, there were many moving parts. However, they will have to wait and see if the program ends on another network.

Green, 46, told fans "never say never," and Megan Fox said there is always a chance that the show will return.

Brian Austin Green & # 39; s BH90210 Co-star Christine Elise was also at the event, and admitted that she was surprised that Fox canceled the show. And I was sure that another network or streaming service would pick it up. Elise said she liked the program very much and was proud to be involved because she was smart and fun.


"I can't believe Fox didn't think he had a house there and nobody else thought he had a house there." That is above my salary rating, I don't know what makes these decisions happen! "Elise said.

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