Bhumi Pednekar talks about six blockbusters


Bhumi Pednekar is one of the most sought-after young stars in Bollywood today due to his unconventional filmography and his willingness to experiment. So far he has had seven premieres in theaters and six of them have been successes. His streak at the box office along with the fantastic critical acclaim he receives in each film definitely make it a great find in recent years.

Speaking about his career at the box office, Bhumi said: "I have been fortunate to obtain the incredible scripts that have resonated in the public and I am grateful to all the filmmakers for their belief in me. As an artist, I have searched for incredible stories and searched for characters brilliant that they stay with you long after you've seen the movies. "

Bhumi feels greatly empowered with her successes and says that drives her to back her instincts when choosing a movie. The versatile star said: “My successes are a validation that I have made the right decisions when choosing content and it gives me great confidence to support my vision in the future. As a creative person, you must trust your instincts at all times and successes only tell you that you are taking the right calls. "

Bhumi just wants to pursue excellence in cinema. “I am fortunate to have been blessed so far and I only wish to continue fighting for excellence in cinema. I am delighted with my next line of movies, as they all challenge me as an actor and will definitely push me to improve, "she added.