Anne Hathaway fans convinced that she gave birth in secret after being seen carrying a newborn


Maybe it's time for fans to send Anne Hathaway their congratulatory messages, as it seems she gave birth to her second baby and her husband Adam Shulman! The reason why people are pretty sure that this is the case is that the couple was seen with a newborn carrier who, in fact, was also occupied by a newborn!

At that time, Anne and Adam were walking through Connecticut, marking the first time the actress appeared on camera in recent weeks.

However, the married couple has not yet officially informed the world that they are now parents of two.

If the actress really gave birth to her bundle of joy, that means her other son, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman, born in 2016, is now an older brother!

The pregnancy was first announced by Anne on social media in July.

Next to a photo in which he showed his growing baby bump, the star wrote: & # 39; It's not for a movie … ⁣⁣ # 2⁣ … Jokes apart, for everyone who is going through hell of infertility and conception, please know that it was not a straight line to any of my pregnancies. Sending extra love "."

Since then, he exhibited his belly several times, even at red carpet events.


Anne previously talked about motherhood and how that changed her life while she was in Ellen in January last year, and told the host that ‘I stopped drinking in October, for 18 years. One day I made a career at school where I left it at school, I wasn't driving, but I had a hangover and that was enough for me. I didn't love that one. "

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