Toya Wright, her fiance, Robert Rushing and her daughter Reginae Carter have been enjoying their vacations in Dubai and Amsterdam, according to these photos


Things are going very well between Toya Wright and his fiancé, Robert Rushing, better known as Red to the public, and although some were worried that the two had been taking things too slowly, that doesn't seem to be the case at all.

Or rather, at least they seem to know what they are doing, as indicated by their recent exhibits on social networks.

The couple recently visited Dubai, where they took the opportunity to pose in a traditional local outfit, to the delight of their followers who have been craving some new photos of them for some time.

And as expected, the publication did not take long to generate much attention, and many people praised the two for looking so elegant and in tune with the local environment.

It seems that they have also managed to catch a pleasant climate, and everything seems to be going well for the couple that so far is on the trip with Reginae Carter and several other family members.

The couple has also had fun in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Some have added that Toya should remember to stay happy, despite what might be happening in his life in recent years.

It has been speculated that things around the personality of the media might not be as bright as he made them appear in public because he was in no hurry to marry Robert.

However, that story changed rapidly because Toya said yes to her baby at a family reunion recently.

He published several photos and said these reasons why he decided to marry the businessman: “Yes! Yes! What if! For humiliating my spirit, for restoring my faith in love, for raising the bar, for being everything a man should be. For each of these and more, I SAY YES! 💍 I look forward to you forever ”

A fan had this reaction: “I love that song. This is such a beautiful video. ❤❤❤❤ "

Another person wrote: "When you get a black man to take off his shoes in the sand, you know he is official."

This social media user shared: "Because that's what she wanted. In the other video, she said," because you have to start taking my hand. "I think he's shy when it comes to PDA, and she's more open. to that. But eventually, I'm sure he'll adapt. My husband loves being sensitive in public, but not me; am I more private?


Toya made the right decision, according to his sponsors.

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