Toya Wright and Robert Rushing tour Amsterdam and end up in the Red Light District and the Prostitution Museum. Check out the photos and videos!


Over the past week, Toya Wright, Robert Rushing, Reginae Carter and more friends spent some fantastic days in Dubai. This was just after Nae celebrated her 21st birthday.

The family shared many photos and videos on their social media accounts of all kinds of great places to keep their fans and followers updated.

People loved the place and also the clothes of the ladies they used during their vacations.

Toya also ended up in Amsterdam along with Robert Rushing, and shared a lot of really great photos and videos from there on his social media account.

As expected, they also visited the famous Red Light District, and Toya even said that the Prostitution Museum was also really interesting. See his post below.

‘We spent the day touring Amsterdam … the canals, beautiful houses, coffee shops and the Red Light District. The prostitution museum was very interesting. 👀 ’Toya captioned his post.

A follower posted this: ‘I toured Europe this summer and Amsterdam was my absolute favorite! I can't wait to visit again next year! "

A staunch fan praised Toya and wrote: ‘Toya, you are a great inspiring mother. I don't know you personally, but when you watch the programs, you are the most loyal and family-oriented person I've ever seen. I'm so glad you received the happiness you deserve. "

The same fan continued and said that "it is inspiring to see how much you have spent, and yet you never lost the rhythm of being the greatest defender of your children, as well as your mother and husband." I admire you and give you the greatest respect because women like you give women like me, as well as others, the motivation we need to move forward. "


Toya is definitely living her best life. As you probably know, he finally agreed to marry Robert after all this time.

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