Shah Rukh Khan fears being alone and sad if he directs movies


Despite his absence on the big screen for a year, Shah Rukh Khan remains one of the most beloved superstars not only in India but throughout the world. He recently appeared on Tom Brook's chat program, Talking Movies, where he talked about a variety of topics, including his career, movies, his recent setbacks on the big screen, the #MeToo movement and the new wave of mid-level Indian movies .

When Brook asked SRK if he would ever consider taking the lead, SRK responded that directing movies is an extremely lonely job and is always worried that if he ever did, he would really feel lonely and increasingly distant. of the usual way of life. He said: "Here you are playing God, you are making a movie, you are telling the actors how to act, choosing the dialogues, making the script, selling it to the public, going to the cinemas, editing it in dark rooms. movie, you are completely alone in the success and failure of it, I think being a director is an extremely lonely job, being a star has already made me very lonely or calm in my own space, now I feel lonely and happy. I become a director, I can become alone and sad. "

SRK also revealed that he is a big fan of Christopher Nolan and that if he directed a movie, it would probably be an action movie. He explained: "I would like to direct an action movie. I want to grow up and be Christopher Nolan. But I don't know if I have common sense. The big problem with me is that I don't know when to say ok. And the director's great job is to shoot, camera, action. , cut, ok. I don't know how to say ok. I feel like it could be better or it was good enough. So I'm a little cautious about being a director. "

Well, as an audience we would definitely love to see Shah Rukh Khan wear the director's hat one day.