Rasheeda Frost impresses her fans with a game of pink money in the pressed boutique – Watch the video


Rasheeda Frost fans always love the fact that she is wearing and promoting her own Pressed Boutique clothing. He also works there with his mother, and Kirk Frost's wife sometimes even takes his son, Karter Frost, to the store as well.

Many people have been telling Rasheeda that he should have his own style and fashion television show.

Fans and followers appreciated Boss Lady's style, and are not shy when it comes to praising her in the comments on social media.

He recently wore a really cool pink money outfit, and fans were here for this innovative look.

"I felt like money today. I put on my pink money game,quot; work, come on! "Rasheeda subtitled his publication.

A follower praised her and said: "You're wearing her ❤️ outfits," while another person also seemed excited and posted this: "The next time I come to ATLANTA I will definitely spend some money."

Another follower said that what Rasheeda does is not even work and published this: "You are not working doing your job and loving."

A fan wanted to know where Mrs. Boss's jacket came from: "Hi Rasheeda, how can I get this jacket? I love if it's a suit I want to buy. Please let me know that I want it, it's beautiful!"

Not long ago, Rasheeda took her son, Karter Frost, to the Pressed Boutique once again.


People are impressed by how fast it is growing, and they also made sure to praise Rasheeda's gaze at that time.

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