Lori Harvey knows better than her mother, Marjorie Harvey, according to this video; And Future, Diddy and Trey Songz are happy about that


An old video clip that shows Lori Harvey, Marjorie's daughter and Steve Harvey, talking to her mother, regained popularity after some events in her wild love life this year.

In the clip, which dates back to 2015, when Lori was only an 18-year-old university student, she had a discussion with Marjorie about how to behave properly once she was alone and no longer lived with her parents.

Marjorie began her maternal advice by mentioning the subject of dating.

The worried father jokingly asked his daughter how they were going to handle the fact that she started dating earlier and continued by saying that she was not allowed to get involved with athletes, rappers and men with similar professions.

It seems that even at such an early age, Lori had a clear opinion of how she was handling her romances, since she commented that her mother had nothing to worry about when it comes to dating, because she was sure she would make the right decisions.

In the video, Marjorie also gave her daughter the advice of never trying to fit in, when God created her to excel and urged her to always behave like a lady.

Marjorie said: "I know you just started dating this year, so how are we going to handle that? Without athletes, without rappers, let's go down the list."

She added: "Never try to fit in when God has clearly created you to excel. Always be a lady, and always understand that you are the prize. Do not give yourself to anyone other than your husband. If they love you, if they really care for you, they will wait for you. "

Lori replied: “When it comes to dating, my mother has nothing to worry about. I've this."

However, it seems that the rule of not dating rappers is no longer valid, as it was rumored that Lori was involved with a couple of rap artists in the past year.

In addition to allegedly dating Sean "Diddy,quot; Combs, it was also said that Lori had been seeing Trey Songz and Future.


The young personality of social networks is one of the most sought after appointments in the entertainment industry.

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