Lizzo Twerks in a thong in the Los Angeles Lakers game and generates controversy – Watch the video developer

<pre><pre>Lizzo Twerks in a thong in the Los Angeles Lakers game and generates controversy - Watch the video developer

Does Lizzo go too far with his message of body confidence? Some say yes after she twerked in a thong and revealed a good part of her butt in the LA Lakers game. Some say that what Lizzo does on Instagram or in his shows is one thing, but twerking and revealing your butt in a family-oriented sports game is simply inappropriate. Others praise the "Juice,quot; singer for embracing her full figure and showing it to everyone. Others say that children should not be exposed to the back of Lizzo when they watch a basketball game.

The incident happened Sunday night when the Los Angeles Lakers were playing against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The game took place in Los Angeles and Lizzo was on the court and watched the game when, suddenly, the Laker Girls began doing their thing with the hit song "Juice,quot; by Lizzo.


As if she had been given a clue, Lizzo stood up and seemed to wear a typical dress, but the back of the dress had a huge cut hole that exposed her buttocks and thong. At this point, Lizzo dropped down and began twerking.

Those around them took out their cell phones and started filming. Everyone saw Lizzo and now the story is going viral where it is generating as much controversy and outrage as praise.

Lizzo has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards, more than anyone else in 2019.

You can watch the video of Lizzo twerking in his thong in the game of The Lakers in the following video player.

The controversy is not limited to Lizzo's video in the Los Lakers game, but extends to all of his social media platforms. Lizzo is proud of her large body and has uploaded several photos of her in carefully covered and naked positions on her social networks.

Some are in favor of feats as a message of feminism, self-love and a rebuke to shame the body and even to embarrass fat.

Others say that, as a large black woman, Lizzo should remain at a very high level since she has already reached the pinnacle of success.

What you think?


Do you think Lizzo has gone too far or do you congratulate her for twerking in her thong in the LA Lakers game?

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