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KUWK: The reign of Kourtney Kardashian's son reveals that he wants a Santa puppy in an adorable video!


Christmas is just around the corner, but Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's son, Reign is ready for Santa! The boy revealed what he wants under the Christmas tree and, as a result, his greatest wish is a puppy!

But that is not all! The 4-year-old also mentioned that he would like to receive "many toys!"

His wishes were shared with the world through a video that his mother captured and published on his platform and fans could not help but melt by his tenderness!

The clip shows Reign walking towards the railing in his house and picking up a note that his elf left there on the shelf!

If you think it was adorable, wait, there's more!

The young man continues: ‘Um, Elf, whatever his name is. Freddie … I'll just name you Freddie. Can I have many toys and a real dog? Can you bring it tomorrow? I want to see it really bad. "

It seems that little Reign is really impatient to meet his new pet, but he will have to wait for Santa on Christmas Eve like all the other good children.

Anyway, his mother was investigating and asked his son: "Ok, but what kind of dog do you want?"

At first he seemed insecure, but then he replied: "A puppy!" Aww …

Then the mother and son returned downstairs to count the days left until Christmas.


In the legend, the KUWK star wrote: "Talking to his elf before bedtime about what to tell Santa last night at the North Pole."

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