K. Michelle becomes vulnerable in a new photo where she shows her postoperative body and talks about the healing process


It seems that K. Michelle has returned to normal to be healthy and happy, and now she is completely comfortable in her body, or at least, more than she has been in the past, judging by what the public could say.

The singer of "I Just Can & # 39; t Do This,quot; has been talking a lot about her path to recovery over the past year, after deciding to stop receiving injections to enlarge her butt and remove her dangerous implants.

Some of Michelle's fans were initially concerned about the safety of the procedure, but in the end, the star made it clear that her decision was decided and that she was not going to reverse her decision.

Currently, according to reports, he is happier than ever and does not regret what he has done a little.

In fact, some reports of people supposedly close to her indicate that she is considering that this is one of the best decisions she has made for her appearance, and that she does not regret it at all.

The R,amp;B singer shared a photo of her healing body and explained: “This body of mine has gone through hell! It is not perfect, but it is MY body. This trip has been difficult, but I am a difficult cookie. Proud of myself, and that's all that matters! Finishing my reconstruction with @ drcarlosgomez1, see you in January. In addition, I am excited that my new TV show helps women like me remove silicon from their bodies! Powerful and how I want to spend my 2020, saving the lives of some people. "

A fan said: "You are such an incredible soul. I thank God for placing you in my life as such a sweet and humble person that I love you, sis❤️"

Another commenter shared: “YES, GO, K! I saw you tonight at The Mayan in LA !! You looked beautiful, and the whole show was bright and beautiful! I am one of your biggest Asian Vietnamese fans in Los Angeles! Thanks for posting my "Can & # 39; t Raise a Man,quot; singing video a couple of weeks ago! I was so excited to see you in the front row at your concert! I hope you saw me, and I think you did … Anyway! I support you, and thanks for all your amazing music! 💖💖💖 "

Meanwhile, the star has also had to deal with some attacks from people who have been trying to get under their skin, with an example that criticizes her for allegedly altering her photos digitally to look better.

Michelle insisted that this was not the case at all, and she had no intention of fooling anyone about her appearance.


She seems quite determined to make a statement with her body, so it seems to relate to her attitude in general.

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