Cyn Santana is forced to explain why she said that black men prefer Latinas to black women


Cyn Santana had some serious explanations and apologized after making some rather strange comments about black men who prefer Latinas over black women.

The controversy took place in 2016 when ex-fiancee of Joe Budden sat down with Angela Yee Lip service podcast, and decided to share his thoughts on interracial dating.

the Love and Hip Hop: New York The talent began by talking about their own experiences with black men by saying this: “I simply like black boys and Spanish girls. You can all stay with Puerto Rican men, I'm fine. I do black guys all day, I'm sorry. I did Spanish … it doesn't work for me. I think they are too emotional. "

However, she made the following shocking comments on the matter: “Black men pay special attention to Spanish girls. Like them … you know what, don't let me get into that. Black girls will take it as personal. They will say: "Uhh uhh!" Anyway, I'm done with daddies. "

Needless to say, she was beaten by members of the black community who criticized the model with curves, pushing her to apologize.

In the meantime The real, Cyn decided to clarify his controversial comments by saying: “I think what happened was that we were talking about our experiences with different men and men, races and ethnicities and comparing our experiences. I think what happened was that I expressed myself badly and repeated irresponsibly something I heard all my life. ”

She added: “This is a difficult time for me. I feel like I expressed myself badly, and I repeated irresponsibly something I heard during my adolescence, which was all: "Oh, black men love Spanish or Latin women, you know." And I think people took that message wrongly. That is not what I meant. "

The new explanation did not like many, and Cyn issued a statement on social networks to try to get out of the messy situation: "I especially love THE BLACK WOMAN. I have never hit one in my life. It will never be. So yes , Ima explains and sheds some clarity on a clip that is spreading with little context. I have used the word N ignorantly for most of my life, not knowing that it was actually a bad word and that it was offensive. I took that word of my vocabulary … If I have offended someone, I really apologize. "


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