Chris Soules addresses the rumors that he and Andi Dorfman are back together!


Chris Soules and Andi Dorfman had a dinner meeting about a month ago and since then, people have been wondering if they are together romantically or not! Fortunately for those curious about the state of their relationship, the former single revealed the truth during a new interview.

Soules and Dorfman finished things in 2014, but despite their separation at that time, they are still on good terms!

Anyway, that does not mean that, years later, they decided to give their romance a second chance.

As you know, they met during dinner last month, but they are simply platonic, says the man.

While attending the iHeart Jingle Ball Tour in Los Angeles, Soules talked to HollywoodLife and told the news media that "he was there in New York and we sat down, and it is good to see her." We have been friends since then (The Bachelorette) and she is a great girl. So we are still friends. "

Then he confirmed that their relationship is romantic.

You may remember that Chris finished third in Andi's bridal shower season.

He then got his own Bachelor's season and got engaged to Whitney Bischoff at the end of it.

However, in May 2015, not even three months after making it public, they separated.

After this, Chris decided to stay away from the spotlight until the accident he was involved in 2017, which obviously led him back to the spotlight.

The former single was sentenced to two years probation after leaving the scene of a fatal accident.


On how it has been since then, Soules told the site that "I have been trying to concentrate on new things in agriculture, which I am passionate about." And I'm just focusing on that, friends and family, and doing things that are true for me. "

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