After the apparent Miss Universe Teleprompter Gaffe by Steve Harvey, nobody knows if Miss Malaysia or Miss Philippines won the national costume


Oh no! It has happened again! Steve Harvey was the host of the Miss Universe 2019 and there was an error when it came time to name the winner of the costume competition. Miss Malaysia, Shweta Sekhon, declared that she won the category and took the stage in an elaborate costume that represented a historic city in her country. Steve Harvey read the teleprompter and told him about his costume. That part had been prerecorded, so Steve was simply coming out of what the teleprompter told him. When he read what was written on the teleprompter, he announced that Miss Philippines (Gazini Won) was the winner.

Miss Malaysia, said she was the winner. But now, sources say he was wrong and that he was not really the winner. This should be what happens when you pre-record segments instead of the winner being revealed in front of everyone live.

Steve went through what Miss Malaysia said and then blamed the teleprompter, explaining that he was only reading what was on the screen scrolling before him.

I was clearly upset about the mistake. Steve Harvey stated the following after Miss Malaysia corrected him.

“Well, let me explain something to you. I just read that on the teleprompter. All of you should stop doing this to me. I can read. They said … they are trying to fix it now. Look, this is what they did to me in 2015. It played me briefly like that. This is Malaysia. I really love this Malaysian national costume. This is crazy."

Now, nobody seems to know who really won the competition.

You can see the full costume competition of the Miss Universe 2019 contest below.

Miss Universe addressed the problem and made things clear.

It was not Miss Malaysia that won the national costume segment of the Miss Universe 2019 competition, but it was Miss Philippines and Steve Harvey did it correctly when he read the teleprompter.

It was Miss Malaysia who made the farce, not Steve Harvey.

You may see a tweet that the Miss Universe contest shared by clarifying the confusion below.

What do you think about Miss Universe's mistake?


Was I confused about who really won?

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