Tyler Posey reveals that he is single after Sophia Ali's relationship


Tyler Posey, says a new report from Us magazine, recently revealed that he has abandoned his relationship with Sophia Ali. The actor admitted that he was single. During a conversation with the store on December 7, Tyler claimed that he was officially in the market again.

The 28-year-old actor during his appearance on Netflix Fast and Furious: Spy Racers The premiere in Universal City, California, told the media that he was currently working on himself and his career, and that he had no girlfriend.

the Teenage wolf Star claimed that a single life was more in tune with the kind of life he is living right now. The actor explained that he feels that a single life is more suitable for the type of person it is because "sometimes it ruins relationships."

Posey added that he did not fit the normal conception of a relationship, so these days, he is doing more of a "new thing,quot; and is "very, very happy." As most know, Fast and Furious The star dated Ali, 24, from 2017 to 2019.

They met during the filming of the 2018 movie, Truth or Dare, and during a previous conversation with us in February of this year, he did nothing but praise Ali. The star described her as the "greatest person in the world."

According to the actor, their favorite activity together was traveling, and they had just returned from Big Bear at that time. He said they loved using Airbnbs and that they had left for Hawaii shortly before. Besides, they even liked to write songs between them.

In another interview of 2017, Posey praised her again, although she did not reveal her identity. "I really admire her," the actor told Us Magazine at the time. Posey admitted that he was a great person and that they had many similar interests, which made them look like a couple made in heaven.


Before dating Ali, Posey was going to marry Seana Gorlick, with whom he was previously engaged. They left for ten years until their final separation six years ago. In addition, he dated Bella Thorne also in 2016.

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