Tiny Harris's daughter, Zonnique Pullins, tells it all in a new video: it reveals how and for whom T.I's wife spends a lot of money


It is not uncommon for the rich and famous to spend their fortunes in extravagant ways, but sometimes they do not do it for themselves but for their closest beings.

The last episode of the series "Blew A Bag,quot; demonstrates that point with the appearance of Zonnique Pullins, who is the daughter of Tiny Harris and the stepdaughter of rapper T.I.

In her interview, the 23-year-old spoke about how she manages her finances and the most expensive purchases she has made.

Zonnique stated that the first thing he wanted and that he finally received from his parents as a gift was a car when he was 16 years old.

However, after Zonnique got her first vehicle, the young singer and reality TV star quickly understood that if she wanted something, she had to save and pay for herself.

Zonnique revealed: “The first big thing I spent my money on was a car. When I was 16, my parents bought my first car, and it was very nice. But after that, baby, cut. I was buying my own cars, everything. It was as if he had already grown up. Do you want a new car? You have to go find it. So, I was saving money, and that is exactly what I did. "

Tiny's daughter also claimed that she did not spend so much, at least compared to her brother, King Harris.

Zonnique revealed that it was King who often liked to buy expensive things for him.

Later in the interview, Zonnique jokingly shared that if her mother knew she was on the show, she would laugh because Tiny always told her daughter to spend her money.

She went to say: "If my mother knew that I am here now, she would laugh because she always tells me to spend my money."

Meanwhile, Zonnique explained that Tiny often bought things for her, but since she didn't ask her mother for any of the purchases, she didn't get carried away.

The stepdaughter of T.I. He revealed that the most expensive things Tiny bought for his son were the purchase of a puppy, which cost "seven or eight thousand dollars," as well as shoes, purses and jewelry.


Zonnique is an interesting character in the family.

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