Taylor Swift praises Demi Moore for possessing her truth in her memory from the inside out


Taylor Swift praises Demi Moore for owing her truth in her memoirs, Inside Out. The singer is one of the four famous faces that adorn the cover of People magazine as one of its people of the year.

I couldn't stop talking about Moore's book, which revealed a lot of personal details about the Ghost The life of the star. Moore offered the good, the bad and the ugly without any detail considered too personal to tell.

Now Swift is letting the world know that Inside Out was one of his favorite books of 2019.

"I couldn't stop reading it. You read it in two days! I was thinking about how, when I was the highest paid actress, I was only ruthlessly punished for it. That is very bad, and was treated very badly at that time," he said. Lover singer to the magazine.

Moore's best-selling memoirs in the New York Times gave fans an idea of ​​how he balanced a career, raising three girls, sobriety and two high-profile marriages. There was a point where Moore was the highest paid actress in the world. Swift thinks that the A few good men Star is now getting the last laugh.

"I feel that finally, she is laughing because (now) people say,quot; Yes! It's great that you were the highest paid actress. She has a lot in the book, and it's very well written, "Swift shared.

It has been a year for the singer too. He may not have published a memory, but Swift has accomplished a lot in 2019. Blonde beauty found her own voice this year, fighting Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records for taking their music hostage.

the Cats Starlet is adopting female empowerment and using her platform to help other women feel the same way. Swift will turn 30 next week and feels more comfortable in his skin than ever. It's one of the reasons I loved Demi Moore's book so much because of the raw honesty, something that Swift is also working hard to have.

Yes, Taylor Swift has declared herself a great admirer of Moore, as well as the memories of the Hollywood star. There is no doubt that the 57-year-old actress put her heart and soul into writing her revelation. Even while promoting Inside Out, Moore did not shy away from difficult questions.


Do you agree with Swift's praise of Moore's memoirs?

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