Rasheeda Frost poses with her son, Karter Frost and fans are excited about the young man


Rasheeda Frost took her son, Karter Frost, to the Pressed Boutique once again. He is known for taking his son to review his business, and fans love this.

People are impressed by how fast it is growing, and they also made sure to praise Rasheeda's appearance.

People have been telling him that he should definitely have his own TV show of his own style.

‘Me and the boss @karter_frost just registered at @pressedatl 😂😂😂 yes, I said it well, he's the boss! Oh, my jeans and plaid shirt are available now! Ras ’Rasheeda captioned its publication.

Someone said: "I love the picture that you look good," and another commenter posted this: "@rasheeda, you're too beautiful."

One follower wrote: ‘You dress up ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️😭I love your style @rasheeda’, while another person praised Rasheeda's appearance: ‘This is what a BOSS CHIC looks like! @rasheeda It seems real wealth, also known as NEW MONEY. "

Another commenter said: "I'm so happy that they got together and they look beautiful," and someone else was surprised at how much Karter grew up and posted this: "Is that karter?" OMG. He's a man 😂 ’

Another follower was on the same page and praised Karter: ‘Your Son @karter _ frost is so cute, and I love those jeans and plaid shirt."

Apart from this, Rasheeda recently shared a new find he discovered at Target while doing some Christmas shopping.


Boss Lady found some products for healthy and silky skin, and shared them on her social media account so that her fans and followers also saw them.

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