Matthew McConaughey joins Instagram and shares Woody Harrelson's photo: now fans demand that Woody follow Matthew!


Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey joined Instagram last month and already has 1.9 million followers. He is also quickly recognized for sharing interesting photos of himself with other celebrities. Known for his southern accent and the slogan "It's fine, it's fine … it's fine," Matthew McConaughey is an iconic actor who is admired and respected throughout the world. He is also very realistic (a quality that has attracted him to fans) and is now a professor at his Alma Mater University in Texas. Those who are interested in seeing Matthew McConaughey's life better will want to go to his Instagram and see his photos, including one he published from his friend and fellow actor Woody Harrelson.

Matthew starred in the HBO series True detective with Woody Harrelson and the two are close friends and have acted in multiple films together. One of the photos Matthew shared is a photo of Woody and himself in the water. The meeting between the actors who worked together in the 1999 film. EDtv, and the 2008 movie Surfer, Friend They made headlines and delighted fans who began clamoring for the two to meet again on the big screen or on a television series.

The image of the two men has more than 680,000 likes and more than 7,900 comments, many of those who want to see the two work together as well.

The two men hugged and smiled as they stepped on the water while celebrating 20 years of friendship with the water snap.

You can see the photo that Matthew McConaughey shared on his official Instagram account below.

Matthew McConaughey shared the following title with the photo.

Brothers of other mothers?

Actress Michelle Monaghan, who played Maggie Hart in True Detective, also left a comment on the photo. Fans were excited to see a cast member evaluate the image and leave a comment.

Matthew is new to Instagram and tagged Woody Harrelson in the photo. A quick look at Woody's Instagram account shows that he is not following Matthew right now. This has caused fans to ask Woody to quickly follow Matthew.


What do you think of Matthew McConaughey's photo with Woody? Do you agree that Woody needs to follow Matthew McConaughey on Instagram?

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