Lil Nas X is honest about fame: he confesses that he "eats,quot; him


Lil Nas X really gained a lot of attention this year with the release of his song Old Town Road. However, as a result, the sudden rise to fame has not been easy to handle.

2019 was definitely the best year of the 20 years, but there are always advantages and disadvantages in everything, which means there is also an ugly side to fame!

The rapper talked about being in the spotlight, revealing that it has affected him quite negatively.

In a Twitter post, he wrote: I usually treat my sad moments in private because I don't like my fans or my family feeling sorry for me, this year it had many ups and downs and ups and downs. When you get to that hotel room and it's only you, you think a lot. Small things get BIG. I like to pretend hate and shit doesn't affect me, but unconsciously it devours me. "

‘Feeling that you have the world and knowing that everything can disappear at any time is scary. That said, I want anyone who cares enough to read this, to live the moment. I love you guys, "he continued writing.

His honesty about what has happened comes after he previously took a break from social networks for similar reasons.

In September, after a few very complete months, Lil Nas X told his followers that "it has been a wild last seven months and I am ready to take some free time." I'm sorry, everyone who attended twitchcon or the sandbox music festival will not be there. I love you all and I will compensate in some way. "

Regardless of his rest, the young rapper still appeared at the red carpet event.


He also attended Variety's Hitmakers brunch in 2019 and it looked great in an iconic orange outfit.

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